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Top Ten Substitutes for Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy whipping cream is one of the most delicious dairy products you can use for your meals nowadays.

But as delicious as it is, you may also find it too fatty, too expensive, or just too difficult to digest (lactose intolerants will relate).

Sometimes, it’s not that heavy whipping cream doesn’t match your needs. It may just be that you don’t have any, or the container empties out earlier than expected.

In any of those cases, you won’t have to feel down and surrender to the recipe or the meal you’re making. Instead, you can always find substitutes and get done with whatever you’re trying to prepare.

Of course, the result won’t be precisely the same as if you were using the cream itself. But the substitutes can still make exceptional alternatives. In this article, we’re going to show you more about them. So read up to learn!

1. Milk with Cornstarch (Best for Whipping & Cooking)

Trying to make an ultra-low-fat and low-calorie alternative to whipping cream? Then milk with cornstarch may be your best choice. What makes it so amazing is the thickness the cornstarch gives to the milk. When you mix it well enough for a few minutes, it looks and feels almost like regular cream.

The difference will be on the taste. It will have a different flavor that won’t disgust but will still be an excellent choice if you want something decent as a substitute.

For the best results, get the same amount of milk as if you were using heavy whipping cream (e.g., 1 cup). Then add a spoon of cornstarch and mix in a bowl for about 3 minutes. This will give you a more-than-decent substitute.

2. Half & Half with Butter (for Cooking, Baking & Whipping)

Half & half is one of the best direct substitutes to plain heavy whipping cream. We recommend getting half & half directly from the supermarket for this to work. Otherwise, you can make it yourself. To make the half & half, you need to use whole milk and light cream. Then add some butter to give it more consistency.

If you’re using half & half that’s already made, then you can combine it directly with butter. The butter will give the fatty aspect and content that looks so similar to heavy whipping cream. This gives a pretty similar taste, texture, and use to heavy whipping cream.

You can use the same amount of heavy whipping cream for half & half and add the butter. This will be perfect for any recipe that contains cream.

3. Silken Tofu with Soy Milk (for Cooking & Whipping)

For those who want a more vegan option, the combination of silken tofu with soy milk works wonders.

The condensation of soy milk with the silken tofu gives a similar texture to whipping cream. On top of that, you will get almost the same amount of protein. Another advantage is the amount of fat, as it contains a lot less than regular cream. And that’s a huge advantage.

But the best benefit is that you get a super thick mixture which you can use for almost anything. It just won’t bake too well, but works for almost anything else.

4. Milk with Butter (for Baking)

Now let’s go over the fattiest combination you can get. This one consists of milk with some butter only.

Just like the half & half combination, this one will give a super fatty mixture that you can use for baking without problems. But because it doesn’t contain too much cream or products of similar texture, it has a way lighter consistency.

You need to mix the same amount of milk as if you were using heavy whipping cream. Then add some butter and mix until it gets thick enough to be used with any of your recipes. We don’t recommend it for cooking or whipping as it will be too liquidy & challenging to spread.

5. Soy Milk with Olive Oil (for Cooking & Baking)

The thickness of soy milk and its unique flavor will match super well with olive oil. Mixing these two in a blender will give a decently thick mixture. It won’t work too well for whipping as it won’t be thick enough, but you can use it for cooking & baking without issues.

We recommend mixing three-fourths of soy milk with one-fourth of olive oil. Mix them for about 1-2 minutes only.

6. Evaporated Milk (for Cooking)

For those who want something healthier than regular milk but not as thick as whipping cream, evaporated milk will come like the ideal choice. It stands out for its creamy aspect, which you can use for all kinds of cooking, like adding to soups, pasta, or similar meals.

We don’t advise using this type of milk for baking unless the recipe makes it an option, but it can still make a good alternative. But for whipping, avoid it at all costs (unless you do some magic to make it thicker).

7. Cottage Cheese with Milk (for Cooking)

The closest thing to heavy whipping cream out there has to be cottage cheese. Yet, it doesn’t have the same taste or consistency. For that, you can always add some milk and make it almost perfect.

For this, you can remove some of the lumps in the cottage cheese and mix it with some milk. You can use the same amount of cottage cheese and milk and mix them together. The total amount should match the amount of heavy whipping cream on the recipe.

Also, the protein-rich and super-thick properties of cottage cheese make it an excellent choice in its entirety. And with the milk, it gets almost perfect. We recommend it only for cooking. But you may be able to use it for whipping as well. It will be more difficult to spread, though.

8. Greek Yogurt with Milk (for Cooking)

Another excellent alternative is greek yogurt. Combining it with some milk will give a similar texture and consistency to what whipping cream offers. Again, you’ll need to mix the same amount of Greek yogurt and milk, with a total equal to the same amount of heavy whipping cream on the recipe.

This will give an almost ideal option for meals such as sauces and soups. If you want it for whipping, it won’t be a bad choice, but the flavor can be somewhat difficult to process.

9. Cream Cheese (for Baking, Cooking & Whipping)

Another super similar thing to heavy whipping cream is cream cheese. Well, they’re almost the same thing, but with a slightly different taste. The difference is mainly on thickness. Whipping cream tends to be a little thicker than cream cheese. It is also sweeter.

Luckily, you can use it for almost the same things as there won’t be much of a difference. Just be sure to know that the flavor is not the same.

10. Coconut Cream (for Cooking & Whipping)

Finally, you can always use coconut cream as an alternative. But here, again, the flavor differs exponentially. The advantage of coconut cream is the lack of fat and similar thickness to whipping cream. You can use it for some of the same things but without the milky flavor.

Luckily, it tastes almost as sweet, so it works well enough for some of the same cooking recipes and even whipping.

Use a Heavy Whipping Cream Substitute Today!

There is no need to go and buy a new whipping cream box when you can use one of these substitutes without spending the same amount of money.

They may not have the same taste, texture or consistency, or work for the same recipes. But they will undoubtedly save you in moments of desperation – especially when you need to get things done quickly.

So don’t hesitate and use one of these substitutes today. You won’t regret it!

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