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How to Substitute Heavy Cream with Milk

Heavy cream has become one of the main ingredients in many recipes nowadays. From sauces to desserts, meaty meals, and even pastries – heavy cream is found almost anywhere.

Sadly, heavy cream can be somewhat expensive, or just too difficult to maintain if you’re not using it consistently. That’s why using a substitute for heavy cream can always deliver excellent results – especially when we’re talking about milk.

While milk is lighter and not easy to make into the heavy and creamy texture of the cream, it is still pretty useful. But to make that happen, you’ll have to know exactly what to do.

Here, we’ll teach you how milk can easily substitute heavy cream with no issues. Keep reading and learn!

Heavy Cream & Milk – Differences

First off, milk contains less fat than heavy cream. With only 4% of total fat in its composition, whole milk is way lighter and liquid. Instead, whipping cream can have an outstanding 34% of fat or even more. That makes it way richer in flavor and thickness.

So, when cooking, the result will be way different. Especially if we’re talking about baked goods, then heavy cream will bake in an entirely different way.

What do you do to make milk creamier? Well, you can always combine it with additional ingredients to make it fatter or at least thicker. Here are three different ways you can do that:

How to Substitute Heavy Cream with Milk & Butter

The first method is to use milk and butter to create heavy cream. It is as simple as it looks, and the result is so similar to heavy cream that you will be surprised. This one works wonders for pastries and baked goods.

To make that happen, you will need twice the amount of milk for every portion of butter. Usually, for every cup of butter, you will need at least one and a half cup of milk. Once you have the ingredients sorted out, then you can proceed to make your heavy cream substitute. Here’s how:

  • Start by melting the butter. We recommend a pot on a medium-heat level in the stove. It is essential to keep stirring not to let the butter burn.
  • Remove it once it is melted completely. But don’t stop stirring until you add the milk, so the butter doesn’t dry.
  • Then pour it into the milk and stir even more. Let the milk and butter mix well for a few minutes. You should stop once the milk looks thick enough to resemble heavy cream.
  • If the cream doesn’t end up like you want in terms of thickness, you can always add a little flour to it. This will give the perfect thickness according to your needs. Just try not to add too much, so the mix doesn’t taste like flour or ends up overly thick.
  • Now, you’re ready to use your butter/milk substitute for heavy cream on any pastries, baked goods, or desserts.

It is important to remember that the flavor won’t be the same. But that doesn’t mean it will taste bad. It will just not be the same sweet with salty flavor that heavy cream boasts.

If you want to make it taste better, we recommend adding a little sugar and salt to the mix while stirring. This will help you achieve a more heavy-creamy-like taste.

How to Replace Heavy Cream with Milk & Light Cream

The previous method works wonders for baked goods. But you won’t always need to use heavy cream. Instead, you may need to add a creamy consistency to a soup, sauce, or filling. In that case, there’s nothing better than mixing milk with light cream.

This preparation is not too hard, either. You just need to add half of milk and half of light cream and mix them together. The advantage of this mix over the previous one is that light cream is way thicker than butter. When mixed with milk, it ends up like a thick mix but still light enough to work wonders with sauces & soups.

On top of that, it will contain way fewer calories and less fat while having an excellent taste. Here’s how to make this possible:

  • Use the same amount of milk and light cream and mix them together in a bowl. Stir until they’ve blended entirely and have delivered a thick enough cream.
  • Then place the bowl into the freezer and let it cool down for about 30 minutes. It should be ready to use in any soup or sauce after that.

Remember that this cream will likely go on hot food, so there’s no need to cool it down more than 30 minutes. But if you’re going for whipped cream, then you can let it sit for about 4 hours, and it will be almost identical to whip cream.

How to Substitute Heavy Cream with Milk & Greek Yogurt

For those who want an even tastier and more nutrient-rich mix, then mixing milk with Greek yogurt is another excellent choice.

What makes this mix so ideal is that this type of yogurt is thick enough to resemble heavy cream. And when you add the milk, it receives the perfect consistency to be easy to use and whip around whenever you want.

The creaminess and flavor you’ll receive are outstanding. And if you add pieces of fruit or something else, then you can achieve an even more exciting mix.

What makes this mix so interesting is the high amount of fat, protein, and minerals. You can enjoy a whipping cream that’s far more nutritious than any heavy cream you can get.

And you will only need to mix half of Greek yogurt with half of the milk, and that’s it. Here’s how:

  • Grab the same amount of yogurt and milk and pour them in a bowl. Then mix for a few minutes until you get a thick consistency.
  • You can add some sugar, chocolate powder, or fruit pieces to make it tastier. That will end up in a way more enjoyable mix for dairy meals.
  • Then place in the freezer and let it cool down for at least 5 hours. You can then use it for whatever you want, and it will work wonders.

It is important to remember that this mix may last 3 to 4 days in the freezer without expiring. That’s something to consider when you want to enjoy something creamy with your meals or dessert.

Use a Heavy Cream Alternative Now!

There’s simply no excuse to run out of heavy cream now. You can make it yourself or substitute with any of these without making much of an effort.

The texture, smell, and taste will be so similar that you will be amazed. Just remember that we’re talking about liquid milk and not powdered milk. If you mix it with the different options we have given here, you will likely achieve the excellent consistency and taste you desire.

Don’t let a lack of heavy cream hinder your cooking – use one of these alternatives now!

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