Best Bubble Machine for Toddlers- Reviews 2018

Bubbles everywhere! Pompas and more bubbles! Unattainable and beautiful, playful and bright, perfect and fun. So are soap bubbles for boys and girls . Ideal for birthdays and communions. With this machine you can create a dream area for children, who will have a great time chasing and exploiting all those bubbles.

Want to organize an event with bubbles! We are here to help you selecting the best bubble machine for you. Of a professional quality , with a bar to hang on poles of theaters or scenarios or wherever you want.

Features to Look When Buying Bubble Machines

  • Automatic: This machine is just press and pompear. The liquid refills prepared for pumps already work. The fan and rotor are integrated inside the housing.
  • Powered Wireless:  The most interesting at a professional level is to activate the machine to make bubbles at the time you want. Therefore, this professional machine offers this option of remote control.
  • Handle to hang:  The professionals usually hang the guns of pompas in the rods of the theater or of the scene. Therefore, it has a handle with a hole to put a rod adapter.
  • Removable top handle  The upper handle can be removed if it bothers you. This is good if you want to put it in a place where, with the handle, it does not fit.
  • Interior and exterior:  This device can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its casing is well prepared to resist on the outside.
  • High speed fan:  This feature causes the bubbles to rise rapidly in the air to create the magical and fun atmosphere we are looking for.
  • High speed rotor:  Together with the fan, both rotating with great speed, generate a huge amount of pumps per minute, running in a stable and constant.
  • Quality materials:  Being designed for outdoor use, this machine is robust and resistant. Built in a hard metal casing.

5 Best Bubble Machine Reviews

 1. SFB-50

Small and versatile, it generates a flow of bubbles horizontally. It can be placed on a tripod or hung, so that it adapts to different spaces and situations. Its deposit is 1 liter (for 2 hours), weigh 1.5 kg and measures 220 x 230 x 240 mm. It is the one that can be seen in the previous video.


2. SFB-1000

Larger (620 x 480 x 540 mm), heavier (15 kg) but with superior performance, creates a large stream of bubbles thanks to its double turbine and double paddle disc. It has a wireless control to control its use in a comfortable and efficient way. Its length of shot and projection of the bubbles is very large, so it will be necessary to use it in larger spaces.

How is this bubble machine used?

  1. Add liquid prepared for bubbles in the reserve. (Note: The liquid used can affect the amount and quality of bubbles that form)
  2. Plug it into the normal current.

From here we have two ways to start generating the bubbles: Manual and Remote Control.

  • Manual : Give the On / Off button to the “I” to generate the bubbles. Change it to “O” to stop it.
  • Remote Control : Press the On / Off button to “II” to activate the remote control mode. Now, press the “Unlock” button on the remote to start blowing bubbles. To stop it press the “Lock” button.

Tips for remote control

  • Make sure the machine is in the “II” position of the remote control.
  • Try not to get too far away from the machine. The remote control works up to about 10m .
  • Check that the remote is not without batteries

Professional uses of bubble machines

As we had talked before, this machine can be used both for interior and exterior. That is why it is such a good machine and can be used in so many different situations.

  • If you are a DJ you can complement your shows with several machines arranged by the room or by the square where you act. With this you will fill all the capacity of bubbles. Those who hire you will be delighted that you add other things besides music to your repertoire. We come from the world of the show, and what is important is not that you play well or not, it is that people enjoy. What is the most important thing is the show .
  • At a wedding you can put a pompero on the door where the bride and groom or the corridor will be. So you will fill that special moment of soap bubbles. It will be like a dream come true .
  • In a corporate event , imagine that while the cocktail is being made, before the parliaments, a rain of soap bubbles starts to fall on the stage and then the person comes out to talk. This will prompt everyone’s attention immediately and will bring added value that your customers will remember.
  • In the farewells, women and men and soap bubbles … I’ll leave it there.