Best Bubble Bath Soap Reviews

This is a very common question when it comes to making bubbles with soap. There are several types of soap that can be used to make them, but we must take into account what we want to use: professional, amateur or shower.

Soap for bubbles

We have tried many types of soap and in the end we have stayed with one for its practicality and ease of getting it. We expose you the three best soaps for bubbles and then we tell you which one we find that is the best of all.

  • Ivory or Joy:  These soaps work very well in every way. They are the kind of soap that goes well to make both large and small bubbles. The bubbles they make are quite resistant and you can play with them.
  • Dawn Ultra:  Dawn soap is excellent for all types of bubbles, especially for the bubbles to come out very resistant. That allows the giant bubbles to come out perfect and last a long time. We could say that it is the best soap to make bubbles.
  • Fairy Ultra:  In general it goes well to make all kinds of bubbles. Giant bubbles are not your forte, although not bad. The small and medium ones come out perfect, resistant and durable.

At this point.

What is the best soap for bubbles?

Well, although we have said that the Dawn Ultra is the best that goes, has a drawback, like the Ivory or Joy. They are not easy to buy in Spain. They are very typical products in the United States, but not here. So the one that gets the winner in the list of best soap to make bubbles is: FAIRY ULTRA. Yes, the Fairy soap of a lifetime.

1. Fairy Ultra – Hand dishwashing liquid, 1410 ml – [pack of 3]

  • Fairy lasts 2 times more than the next best selling diluted brand
  • Its concentrated formula acts immediately against grease to leave dishes clean and shiny
  • Ultra-dry foam with every drop

But, have not you said that it’s not going well with big bubbles?

It is not your strong point, but we have a wonderful liquid that will make our soap have nothing to envy: glycerin.

We have already commented how glycerin can help soap to make bubbles more resistant and durable. So with a little bit of glycerin in our recipe to make bubbles with Fairy, the shortcomings of this are totally covered and even improved.

How do we use the Fairy Ultra to make bubbles?

In the section ” Formula ” we tell you step by step how to make the mixture to make bubbles. It is explained in detail so that the bubbles come out perfect.

To summarize a little, we must make the mixture with a measure of distilled water, 10% soap, 10% glycerin and 2% of liquid for bubbles.

If you do not want to make the mixture or doubts between the soaps to choose we have another fantastic option that we also use often.

2. Concentrated soap prepared for bubbles

These types of concentrated soaps are already bought with the mixtures and proportions made so that the pumps go great. All you have to do is mix it with quality distilled water and start making bubbles.

These soaps are usually good because they are less aggressive than Fairy for boys and girls. They are designed to work perfectly with soap bubble guns.

They are usually very cheap and come in large carafes. This makes it a difficult offer to refuse.


3. Pustefix – Bottle maxi, soap liquid to make bubbles, 1000 ml (Carrera 420869725)

  • Made in Germany
  • Original spare part
  • 1000 ml

A good brand of liquid for bubbles

A quality mark for both liquid and soap and accessories is Pustefix , a German brand. It is the one that we think is best in terms of the soap bubble world.

In short, FAIRY is the  number one # 1  of the best soaps to make soap bubbles