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Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews

For a few months, I had noticed how the water in my house seemed increasingly rare. I started looking, and I was alarmed to learn that I live in one of the areas with the worst water quality. So I ran to change all my containers for the best jug for water with the filter.

If you have not yet researched, I advise you to find out what you are consuming and go for a healthy solution.

What is the best alkaline water Pitcher?

There are different models and systems of jars with filters. The best ones contain filtering by activated carbon, ion exchange, and mineral balls.

But of course, the type and intensity of the treatment will depend on your needs. Although it never hurts to eliminate contaminants.

To choose the best option, you should not only think about the type of process but also the materials and general design, since there are pitcher with a very slow flow that can be impractical.

That’s why I prepared this comparison with my favorite products, and that will undoubtedly make a difference in how you consume your water from now on.

5 Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews

EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5L Pure Healthy Water Ionizer With Activated Carbon Filter

One thing that turns people off from alkaline water pitchers and other water purifiers is that oftentimes, not enough water gets purified and it is a nuisance to refill the pitcher every time you want water to be purified. Most Alkaline pitchers can only hold a couple of liters. The EHM alkaline pitcher has solved this problem by having a greater capacity, of 3.5 liters. And it does not take up a lot of space, either. It can fit perfectly into most refrigerators. One of the best things about the EHM alkaline pitchers is that it does not take a terribly long time to filter the water. When it is completely empty, the EHM alkaline pitcher can take roughly five or so minutes to filter completely to its 3.5 liters of capacity.

The one thing that is unusual, which might turn others off from the EHM alkaline pitcher, is that it can do its job too well. It uses so much alkaline that it can interfere with acids that a lot of food is made up of. To solve this, it is best to drink the water purified in the EHM alkaline pitcher two hours after eating or a half hour before eating. This can make things inconvenient for people who enjoy to drink water while eating and can turn some people off.

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer With 2 Long-Life Filters – Water Filter Purifier – Water Filtration System

Most water filters just remove harmful minerals in water and do nothing else. They remove toxins, bacteria, and other harmful things that are found in water made for public consumption, but they do not add anything else that could be healthful. The developers at pH Restore are well aware of this, and have developed their water filter to not only remove harmful minerals in water, but add minerals that are healthful. This is one of the best things about the pH Restore alkaline pitcher and it is very rare that alkaline water pitchers do this. Another fantastic thing about the pH Restore alkaline pitcher is that it is very compact for the amount of water it holds.

It is a very good thing that the pH Restore alkaline pitcher adds healthful minerals while purifying the water, but this brings up the question of if these minerals that get added are harmful for certain drinkers. It increases pH levels and adds selenium and calcium, and for some people, too much of these chemicals can be harmful, or at the very least could have an adverse effect at least in the short term. Additionally, the filters in the pH Restore pitcher need to be replaced over time. While it is true that the filter lasts 96 gallons and this may not affect anyone in a small household, this could greatly affect larger households as the filters would need to be replaced more frequently.

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liters Improve PH, 2 Filters Included, 7 Stage Filtration System To Purify, Blue

Typically, alkaline water pitchers accomplish two things. First, they aim to remove harmful chemicals in water that is designed for public consumption. Second, and this is not always the case, they add more healthful chemicals. While nearly all alkaline water pitchers are really good at doing this, the Hskyhan water pitcher attempts to go above and beyond this. One of the best things it does is take the filtration process a step further. To do this, it goes through seven layers of filtration by using two filters. This evens out alkaline levels in the newly purified water, which makes it safe to drink alongside food. The main filter also has a very long life at right around 150 liters. This makes it very ideal to keep in the long term.

Although the main filter of the Hskyhan pitcher has a long life, the secondary filter does not. And the pitcher itself needs both filters in order to properly filter water. The secondary filter needs to be replaced after 40 gallons, which can be an inconvenience for larger households who use it. In addition to this, the first two pitchers that are filtered out are likely to contain carbon dust, which makes the water unsafe to drink. While this is likely a negligible factor for most, it is worth mentioning.

Alkaline Water Pitcher With Fluoride Filter – 3.5 liter Negative ORP 6 Stage Filtration With 2 Replacement Filters

Nearly all water filters look pretty boring. They are either completely white in color or they are light blue in color. While some people like this, it can be difficult to go into the refrigerator and point out the water filter. Reshape water has completely fixed this problem by creating a pitcher that is the exact opposite color. The Reshape Water pitcher is black in color. While this may seem like a very superficial thing to take note of, the fact that it stands out from all other alkaline water pitchers from its design alone needs to be mentioned. The Reshape Water pitcher is very easy to find in any refrigerator, and this is a very good thing about it.

It seems like the design is the only good thing about the Reshape Water alkaline pitcher. It does not do anything different when compared against other alkaline pitchers, which is unfortunate. It goes through a six stage filtration process, just like all other alkaline pitchers so it does not stand out in what it actually does as an alkaline pitcher at all. Perhaps the worst thing about the Reshape Water alkaline pitcher is that many users report that it is not possible to drink the water while it is being filtered. In order to drink any water that is filtered by the Reshape Water pitcher, one must wait for all the water in the pitcher to be filtered. This can be a massive inconvenience, one that could and should have been avoided.

Dafi Alkaline UP Cartridge (5-pack) + Astra Water Pitcher FREE (Violet) – Innovative Alkaline Water System – Get water with high pH of 9.5 and negative OR potential in BPA free Astra pitcher

Alkaline water purifying pitchers tend to just swap out bad minerals in water for better minerals. It is extremely rare that they add other good minerals as well. What is innovative and very nice about the Dafi alkaline pitcher is that it takes an extra step in that it alkalizes water through a ceramic bed that is located at the bottom of the pitcher. This makes the water not only completely filtered, increasing the pH levels to as high as 9.5, but it also makes the water a little more flavorful than water that has been filtered through other alkaline pitchers.

The filters in the Dafi alkaline pitcher are not designed for long term use. Each filter cartridge only lasts about forty gallons or a little over a month. The system comes with five of these, and while that is considerate of Dafi, it can also be very inconvenient to need to refill the cartridges. This is especially true if many people are using the pitcher. If many people are using the Dafi alkaline pitcher to filter their water, it is possible to go through one of these cartridges per week. To put this in perspective, the average athlete drinks roughly two gallons of water per day, or at least is instructed to. If they wanted to drink two gallons of filtered water per day with this system, it would take only a little over two weeks to replace the cartridge. It is clear that the Dafi alkaline pitcher is designed for smaller households who are conservative about their water consumption.

Why use a Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Although we believe that every crystalline jet that we have at home is potable, clean and consumable water, this is not the case.

This is because some treatment plants use too many chemicals and that along with the kilometers of old pipes can cause contamination of the water we drink.

So to be able to consume healthy liquid it is better to use a bottle of water with a filter at home.

Health benefits of using water filters

Eliminate chlorine

Its consumption is harmful and can cause kidney and liver diseases.

Less lead
With a water alkalizer, less liquid density is obtained and the complete elimination of the lead that accumulates in the treated water.

Without plastic
Going through a filtered system guarantees the reduction of the risk of diseases due to the contact of the water with the harmful plastic.

How to choose the best jar with the filter?

What it eliminates
If you go after a pitcher cheap, it is likely that ye may only remove chlorine and odor. While a technological model may dispose of contaminants microbiological, agricultural, heavy metals and pharmaceutical residues, I recommend you to know how contaminated your water is to decide better.

It ‘s not just a matter of aesthetics, which may well be, but use. The design will determine the capacity and compaction of the container. So you must think about the size of your refrigerator and your family.

In the same thread, you must know that the capacity is expressed in cups. One cup is equivalent to 0.24 liters. Knowing this you can buy the right size better. Of course, I am telling you that it is possible that models of more than 8 cups are too heavy to load several times a day.

Useful life
The duration and real value of the investment is in the replacement filters. An average filter lasts about two months in my house, so an economic jar may not be so much if you have to change it more often than that. However, you can look for a brand that offers a batch of bulk filters.

What does the filter protect?

Eliminating lead or fluoride can be very difficult and if this is what you need you can be expensive. On the other hand, if you want a more reliable standard product, it will be enough to look for some WQA and NSF International certification to find basic protection.

BPA free
Sure is something that you have already read in other products and is that this is a very important feature. This component was used a lot previously for the production of the most durable plastics.

However, it has been discovered that it is associated with brain problems and cancer. Therefore it is important and essential to have jugs that will be of constant use without BPA .

Duration indicator
I already told you that the filter must be changed so that it fulfills its function correctly, but how do you know when to do it?

Luckily, the market already took care of this and developed stickers or digital indicators that show the current condition of the filtering system and when it needs to be changed.

This is achieved by measuring the amount of water that has leaked or taking the time since the last change by us.

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